Black Rose Tea Deluxe Set

Teaology has created special sets: beauty rituals suitable for all skin types and perfect for any occasion.

All the perfume of Rose Tea in a single set so that you can treat yourself to a magical moment involving all the senses. A fragrance which is also a beauty treatment and a delicate shower gel with an innovative micellar structure.

- Clean with the micellar power of Black Rose Tea Micellar Shower Gel (100 ml)

- Vaporize the Black Rose Tea All Over Eau De Toilette all over the body (100 ml)

Black Tea

The amazing plant of Tea is called Camellia Sinensis , an evergreen tree that grows both in the plain and at high altitudes in hot and humid climates.

From this plant can be obtained more than 5.000 different kinds of tea.
BLACK TEA is a fermented tea rich in caffeine, theobromine and theaflavins that have an antioxidant and stimulant action.
Teaology Black Tea comes from South East Asia plantations with manual harvest from three to five years of maturity of the plant.

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Camellia Sinensis Leaf
Rose Water

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