White Tea Miracle Breast Mask | Multipack

Multipack (4x) 4x 45 ml Mask
A new routine for breast beauty consisting of a mask made from a soft fabric infused with a solution containing more than 95% White Tea that tones, smooths and improves skin tissue suppleness in less than 20 minutes. On contact with the skin the epigallocatechin gallate concentrate (EGCG) in the White Tea has an antioxidant effect and intense anti-age action, while the special natural-based volumising complex has a lifting and elasticising effect. The hyaluronic acid moisturises, redensifies and recompacts, and the plant collagen, combined with horsetail and fenugreek extracts, tones and firms. The mask has been designed to have an occlusive effect that prevents the active ingredients from evaporating and boosts their effectiveness. It can be applied in a few seconds, tying it behind the back, and it adheres perfectly to the breast, providing maximum comfort during use. From the very first time it is used the delicate breast and décolleté area appears firmer and reshaped, and the skin soft and nourished. The effects are visible in 15-30 minutes and improve with regular use. Ideal for all skin types and for all ages – dermatologically tested formula - with natural ingredients - free from • parabens - paraffins • mineral oils • PEGs • silicones • colourants • fragrance – sulphates - alcohol
HOW TO USE Tie the mask behind the back and leave for 15 to 30 minutes. Massage in any excess serum afterwards on the breast and décolleté. We recommend using the mask twice a week for a shock treatment and at least once a week from then on. We do not recommend using it when pregnant or breastfeeding, however it is the perfect treatment after the breastfeeding period and for breast sag after dieting.

White Tea

The amazing plant of Tea is called Camellia Sinensis , an evergreen tree that grows both in the plain and at high altitudes in hot and humid climates.

From this plant can be obtained more than 5.000 different kinds of tea.
WHITE TEA is an unfermented tea and it is very precious because it is derived only from the buds and the most tender leaves. This variety of tea contains the greatest amount of antioxidant catechins. Teaology WhiteTea comes from Far East Asia plantations with manual harvest from eighteen months to three years of maturity of the plant.

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