Green Tea Detoxing
and Reshaping Salt Bath

Salt Bath
Green Tea extract, Sea Salts and Caffeine Sachet 50 g

A body detoxing and reshaping treatment, for wellbeing at bathtime.
This innovative mix of whole sea salt and tea dissolves in the water releasing its ingredients: caffeine, which has a lipo-reducing effect and Centella Asiatica extract which has a draining and fluidizing effect.
The heat of the water intensifies the iono-osmotic action of the sea salt, helping eliminate excess fluids, and the purifying effect of the active ingredients.

HOW TO USE Pour the contents of a sachet into a bathtub of hot water. Let the salt dissolve completely then slip into the water and relax. After 10-15 minutes the salt and active ingredients will have done their job. Before getting out of the bath, rinse under the shower.

Green Tea

The amazing plant of Tea is called Camellia Sinensis, an evergreen tree that grows both in the plain and at high altitudes in hot and humid climates.

From this plant can be obtained more than 5.000 different kinds of tea.
GREEN TEA is an unfermented tea and this keeps a high content of catechins and vitamins, mostly Vitamin C. Teaology Green Tea comes from Far East Asia plantations with manual harvest from three to five years of maturity of the plant.

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